What’s wrong with Verizon?

Posted by The Washington Post on Tuesday, March 28, 2020 04:25:49In this Feb. 6, 2019 file photo, Verizon technicians check a switch on a Verizon Wireless customer service center in Denver, Colo.

Verizon’s net neutrality rules could lead to increased traffic for the company’s broadband customers, including the Internet.

(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, File)A new report by the nonpartisan consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge finds that Verizon is among the worst providers of broadband internet access to Americans.

Public Knowledge’s report, titled Verizon and the U.S. Broadband Infrastructure: Why it Matters, found that Verizon provides a net of 9,600Mbps (megabits per second) and 6,600 Mbps (megabytes per second), and provides 5,500Mbps (Mbps) and 1,800Mbps (Mbps) speeds to the average American household.

This is a far cry from the 9,800-Mbps and 4,600-Mbps speeds provided by Comcast, AT&T, Charter and CenturyLink.

In a statement to The Washington P-I, Verizon said: “Verizon does not support any form of net neutrality or any kind of network neutrality policy that would impede competition or innovation in the internet.”

It also pointed to a statement made by Verizon President and CEO Lowell McAdam in 2015 that Verizon would not prioritize access to its Internet service over those of its competitors.

Verizon said the FCC should “investigate the impact of net-neutrality rules on competition and innovation, and not take action based on speculation and conjecture.”

Verizon’s net-fast-lane rules are part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which is commonly referred to as the “Net Neutrality Act.”

Verizon said that it does not seek to block the content of other websites, such as those of Netflix, or charge them extra for access to their content.

The FCC has taken steps to ensure that it doesn’t regulate broadband networks.


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