When is the next NBN rollout?

Network administrator positions are in high demand in the new millennium, with employers increasingly looking for people with network experience. 

However, this isn’t a new trend. 

According to the latest report from Network Administrator Australia, there were 2,824 network administrator roles in 2016.

Network administrator roles are an increasingly popular job in Australia and are often sought by businesses as a way to get people with experience in networking.

“We’ve had an increase in demand for network administrator jobs in Australia over the last few years,” says Mike McPherson, the managing director of Network Administrator Australia.

But he says there’s still a bit of a lag time between when the job is posted and when someone can get a job.

For example, in the US, the last month for an employer to apply for a network administrator position is February 1, while in Australia, a job can only be posted on March 1.

The NBN rollout is still months away, and many of the roles that employers are looking for are still yet to be filled.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says the number of network administrator posts has risen from 13,000 in 2016 to 27,000 last month.

And while there are some opportunities to fill these vacancies, many are still held by people who have worked in the telecommunications industry before.

In the US and the UK, many of those people are already working in the IT industry.

So what are some of the reasons people are being attracted to network administrator? 

According the report, the main reasons employers are recruiting network administrators are: Network administrator jobs are seen as a “great” job in the long term.

Network administrators have been in demand in Australia for some time. 

In the past five years, the number one reason people were looking for network administrators has been an increased demand for networking skills, as well as the NBN rollout.

While there’s a lot of job growth in the country, in Australia there is a lack of skilled workers.

Some of the job vacancies are particularly tough to fill. 

“There are a lot more network administrator vacancies than there are vacancies for telecommunications jobs,” Mr McPachs says.

Even if a network admin has been in the industry for years, many people still prefer the experience of working in a company.

According to Network Administrator Europe, about a third of the jobs in the European Union network administrator are in the UK. 

There’s also the “lack of skills” among Australians.

It’s also an issue that’s been raised by some commentators. 

Some say it’s unfair to take someone with network administration experience into a job that’s already filled.

“People are more likely to hire someone with a background in networking and networking related roles, but it’s not the same thing,” says Mr Mcpachs. 

The NBN has been designed to work across the whole country.

Many networks administrators don’t have the training to do the job.

“It’s important to make sure you’re applying for the right job, because you’ll get a lot better job offers when you do,” Mr McDermott says.

The best way to find out if you are qualified to fill a network administration role is to get in touch with the network administrator and get them to fill your vacancy. 

And while networking isn’t necessarily the easiest part of network administration, it’s still the most rewarding.

Find out more about network administrators here


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