What you need to know about Microsoft’s new IT budget

Microsoft is launching a new IT initiative called “Network Administration Support.”

The goal of the initiative is to help organizations reduce IT costs by supporting “network security and privacy.”

According to the Microsoft blog, “The initiative is a new way to ensure that Microsoft customers can keep their enterprise network secure and privacy-conscious.”

Network Administration Support will help organizations implement “operational security plans, secure network traffic, and optimize security and availability to help reduce costs.”

For more on Microsoft’s plans to support network security and Privacy, read our previous article.

Microsoft will also help organizations support “virtual private networks” to help ensure that their systems aren’t compromised by cyber criminals.

The company will provide a list of the companies that it will support for virtual private networks in the coming weeks.

Microsoft’s new “Network Management” initiative is scheduled to launch on March 1, and it will cover three areas: network administration support, network administration, and network management.

The network administration help is aimed at helping organizations manage network resources and improve network performance.

Microsoft will also offer a free “Network Analysis” tool to help companies determine what resources they need to maintain.

The company has already started working with a few small organizations that are using Microsoft’s network administration tools to provide them with information on how to implement network security plans.

The new Microsoft initiative should help to drive a lot of businesses to invest in the technology that will help protect their networks from cyber threats.


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