When your provider has more power than you

If your doctor’s office is bigger than you, that means they have more power.

In some cases, that power can include taking away your medical records.

That power can have a direct impact on your medical care.

You can read more about power, or contact your provider to find out how to protect yourself.

263113 What happens if your doctor takes away your health care records?

You may be able to sue your doctor, but that may not always work.

Sometimes, your doctor will simply remove your records.

If you are unsure about whether your doctor has the authority to remove your health records, talk to your provider about how to get it back.

263216 How can you protect yourself from identity theft?

Some medical providers may have your medical information in their computers.

The doctor’s medical records are shared with the other health care providers, including your insurance company.

If your health information is in the wrong place, it can be stolen and used to make unauthorized purchases.

Some medical professionals have a privacy policy that requires them to disclose your medical record to other health professionals.

You may need to ask your doctor about your rights.

263318 What happens when I have an emergency or if my health care provider goes AWOL?

If your provider goes off the grid or is away from you, your health record may be lost, stolen, or misused.

You should contact your health provider to ask if you can get your health data back.

You might also want to talk to someone about how your provider may use your health report to improve care or make new medical decisions.

263419 What if my provider is on my insurance?

If you have a medical provider with Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP, they may be required to provide your health benefits.

If that provider goes out of business or you are not insured, you may be asked to provide some of your health plans coverage.

You must give your health plan the information they ask for and agree to the plan’s terms and conditions.

If a provider goes into bankruptcy or shuts down, they can also ask you to provide certain information.

If those terms and restrictions are not clear, your provider should contact you to ask for the information you need to continue to access your health coverage.

263520 Can a medical service provider refuse to help me if I have insurance?

Yes, some medical providers have insurance.

Some providers may be willing to help you if you ask.

They might say that your insurance provider will have to pay for your treatment, but they might also have other ways to reduce your costs.

The same can be said about other providers, such as hospitals or nursing homes.

You could also be able find a private practice provider who has insurance.

Your provider may not provide the services they offer to you without your insurance, so be sure to contact your insurance carrier to find one that is appropriate for you.

263621 What happens to my health records if my doctor refuses to provide them?

If a doctor refuses your medical help, your records may be deleted or your health insurance company may ask you for the details you need.

You have the right to ask to get your records back, and your health insurer must provide you with the right documents.

Your records may also be removed from your computer or stored in a cloud, such that they cannot be accessed.

If they are not, they could be lost or stolen.

The most common ways medical providers can delete or destroy your health health records are to erase them or take them offline.

Some health care workers may also have a policy that prevents them from providing certain health care services.

If an employer or insurance company refuses to reimburse you for your health services, you might be able get legal action against them.

263722 What if I don’t feel safe to go to the doctor?

If the doctor has no other way to help, you should talk to a health care professional.

Some people might not want to get medical care at all.

Other people may not be able or willing to go.

You also might not feel safe going to the doctors office if the doctor’s power is too great.

For example, if you have had a stroke, you will be worried about how you will get your medical treatment, how you can tell a nurse, and how you may get care from another provider.

This is a scary thought.

263823 What if someone steals my health information?

Your health care information may be on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or other electronic device.

If someone steals your health or medical information, it could have a major impact on how you live and care.

If something happens to your health, your care records could be at risk, including if someone takes it or uses it for their own purposes.

This could lead to your losing your health and/or financial security.

You need to talk with your doctor or another health care worker to get the information that you need and get it into a safe place.


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