CAPITOL ANALYSIS: The biggest questions for NFL draft outlook


— The biggest question for the 2017 NFL draft is who is the best overall quarterback in the class?

We asked our panel of experts to answer.

The answer: Aaron Rodgers.

We’ll start with the big questions.

How would you rank Rodgers among the best quarterbacks in the draft?

How much would you give up in a trade for Rodgers?

Rodgers: We’re looking for a top 10 overall pick, and I think he’d be a great pick.

But the draft’s already out there.

I think the value would be there.

If the draft ends up being in the top five, I think Rodgers would be the guy that gets drafted.

But he’s also an outstanding athlete, which is one of the reasons he got drafted.

What’s not to like?

I think it’s a really good pick.

He’s got the talent to play in the NFL, and the team can afford to lose him.

But Rodgers is a great quarterback, and he’s going to make an impact on this team, which I think is a lot.

How much of a difference would he make to the team if they could lose him?

I don’t think there’s anything to lose.

I just think the team is in a tough spot right now.

It’s not like they’re out of the woods.

You have to get through the draft to get a guy.

So the team’s going through a pretty tough spot.

But it doesn’t hurt to try.

How much of Rodgers’ ability will translate to the NFL?

I don’t know.

I really don’t.

I’ve been a fan of Rodgers since he was a kid, so I’ve watched him play, and so I know he can do it.

I’m not sure if it will translate, but I know it can, and it will.

He’s got that athleticism, the accuracy, the touch, and that’s what he needs to do.

But I don,t know if I can take it away from him.

I don.t know how good he is.

What I know is he can play, he’s got a great arm, and when he gets the ball, he throws it as well as anybody in the league.

He’ll make a huge difference for this team.

He just had a really nice game on Sunday.

He threw a perfect ball on his way to 100 yards.

The guy just went out there and had a great game, and a great day for this organization.

How do you rank the Packers as a team?

They’re a fun team.

They’re going to be a tough team to beat.

They got to be.

They’ve got to play with a lot of energy.

They play with great leadership.

They don’t shy away from challenges, and they’re going into the playoffs with a great opportunity.

I know they’re a good team.

The biggest thing is the talent level, and how they’re coming together.

I love them, and we’ll see what happens.

But we need to be confident in them and believe they’re the best team in the NFC.

How do you rate the Cardinals as a group?

They have a great defense, and you have to be on the edge.

You’ve got a bunch of talented guys, and hopefully you’ll have a really great year.

They have the best coach in Arizona, a great general manager, and one of my favorite players.

They do everything right.

I know they do everything, and just get to the line.

But when you play against them and they go after you, you have some issues.

How will you deal with them?

I would never put myself in that position.

They are a great football team.

How is your relationship with your quarterback going?

I’m definitely not going to put myself down.

They put their trust in me, and trust me, I’m going to have a lot more fun with them.

You’re not going away, and there’s going be a lot to love about the team, and all the people that play on it.

I’m a big believer in the quarterback, but they’re not in the position right now where I’m happy to be there, so you’ve got two quarterbacks in this draft.

Rodgers has to be the best quarterback in this class.

How can you say no?

How do I say no to that?

The best quarterback, that’s for sure.

I can’t think of anybody that has that kind of upside.

How about the Vikings?

They play a lot with the running game, so Rodgers is going to help them a lot on that side of the ball.

How does Rodgers’ passing style fit in with what you’re trying to do with the Vikings, in terms of running the football?

I can definitely see him fitting in there.

He is a complete athlete, so he’s not afraid to get after the quarterback.

The running backs in this offense are very athletic.

The passing game


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