When to ask your network administrator for a network admin password

Network administrators are increasingly concerned about security, and that’s because hackers are now trying to break into their networks and steal personal information.

While that might sound like a scary scenario, experts say it’s just a normal part of the job.

“I think it’s a bit of a trend in the last couple of years,” said Mark Egan, a former federal government computer security officer who now runs an IT consulting company.

“We’ve had this kind of thing going on for a number of years now where people are having to go into the network administrator realm to gain access to their systems.”

Some organizations have made the switch from password-protected networks to secure networks, but many still rely on password-based login.

To help keep hackers out of your network, you should ask for your network admin’s password at least once a year, said Jennifer DeCrow, an IT security consultant who has been using an “admin” account since 2012.

For example, she would ask a network administrator to log into her company’s IT department, and then ask her if she has a password she can use.

When you do ask for the password, you may be more likely to receive an answer that says it’s not really necessary, or may say that it’s okay for you to change the password if you’re getting new work.

“People will ask you a question that they already know the answer to and they’ll ask you again, but it may be that they have a different question they’re asking and they can’t remember the question,” said DeCraw, who recommends asking the network admin for a password on the first day you sign in to a network.

She said it’s important to have a password you can use throughout the entire network.

“That way you don’t end up with a system where someone can steal your password and you don.

That’s something I always tell people when they’re thinking about setting up their networks, which is to set up the network so that the first time you log in, your password is always with you,” DeCarrow said.

But the same can’t be said for all networks.

If you are asked to log in on a private network, it’s best to use the same password that’s already in use.

“When you’re doing private networks, I think there are two basic approaches to doing a password reset,” said Ryan Pritchard, a network security analyst with McAfee Security.

“The first is to change your password on every single site.

That way you can reset it if you ever have to.”

The second is to create a password change request, which means the network admins can reset the password to whatever you’re using now.

“You can do a password renewal request.

That is to ask for a specific password and then you send it to your network admins,” he said.

Pritborough said it is also important to keep your passwords as unique as possible.

“It’s a great practice to have your passwords separate from other accounts.

So you could have different passwords for different sites,” he explained.

“If someone were to get ahold of your password, they’d probably find out that you’re on your own network and they could probably find a way to get access to it.”

For the most part, it is a good idea to use strong passwords for a variety of things, said De Crow.

“A good rule of thumb is that I would not ever use a password that was too short,” she said.

“There are ways around that but you also need to think about the length of the password.”

De Crows advice for password security comes from her experience as a federal computer security official.

She also used to work as a security analyst for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, where she saw how security was handled at the border.

“Security is important, but the more important thing is ensuring that you don to have somebody else steal your credentials,” she explained.


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