Which companies have hired the most open network administrators?

In a trend that’s only grown more dramatic in the past few years, the number of employees hired by companies with no more than five full-time employees in the U.S. has risen from 2,923 in 2011 to 2,869 last year, according to a study by the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. The number of open network administration positions has also grown dramatically, with 3,919 positions added last year.

While it’s not a huge number, the McKinsey study shows that open network administrator jobs have grown rapidly, with more than half of the jobs created since 2011 going to new hires, and the median wage has also jumped by nearly 40 percent.

“Companies that have been hiring network administrators for some time are looking to get people in the front end of the organization,” said Matt Fultz, executive director of McKinsey’s Open Network Administration Practice.

“We’ve seen that with new hires and we’re seeing it with network administrators who are coming into the field.

So, it’s kind of a positive feedback loop.

They see the value of it and they see the growth in network administrators and so they’re hiring more.”

The McKinsey report also found that many of the top 10 largest employers of network administrators are also among the top five employers of software engineers.

Those companies include Facebook, Google, Intel, Oracle and Salesforce.

“It’s a very positive trend for the industry,” said Fultz.

“These are not just the ones with the most senior network administrators, they’re the ones that are hiring them.

We’re seeing a shift towards the open source community, especially as network administrators have become more and more common.

It’s just an exciting time to be a network administrator.”


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