What’s next for Google’s search team?

Google is expanding its search team, adding new people and improving its communication with users.

Google will hire at least 30 new employees over the next year, Google Chief Financial Officer Peter Cook told a Wall Street conference in New York on Tuesday.

The search team is already responsible for some of Google’s most important projects, including its search engine and search ads.

The company also hired dozens of people last year as part of a sweeping effort to modernize its software.

Google’s search search team currently has about 100 employees.

Cook said the search team will now be led by an executive in search of a role in search that matches his or her “unique talents, passions and values.”

Cook, who was at the conference as part a panel of the world’s largest technology companies, said Google would focus on three areas that would make it more successful: expanding its product offerings and building more user-friendly products.

“I think we will be better able to deliver those kinds of products,” Cook said.

In a separate conference call with analysts on Tuesday, Google’s chief financial officer, Ruth Porat, said the company was expanding its global team by 10,000 people in the next 12 months.

She said Google will be able to hire 10,500 people over the course of the year, and said it would be “a lot of fun.”

Porat said Google is planning to hire people to work on product initiatives for Google Glass, Google Search, Android, and Google+ to better support its search efforts.

Google Glass is expected to be the most popular wearable computer among people who buy smartphones, tablets, and computers, Porat said.

Google is also planning to build more offices in the United States and other countries, which will help it attract more international talent, she said.

The hiring of more international employees is a first for Google.

The search team has a long way to go, however, to become the world leader in search.

The Google-owned search engine has struggled with Google’s own search engine, which has struggled to find more relevant results for searches like search for “facial recognition.”

The company is also trying to grow its search advertising revenue by working with other advertising platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.


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