Which cloud provider are you using?

On Monday, Microsoft officially announced that it is using Microsoft Azure to provide its cloud services to companies.

The news comes in the midst of Microsoft’s quarterly earnings call and comes amid concerns that Microsoft’s cloud services could be a major bottleneck for cloud-based businesses.

Microsoft’s cloud service has long been the target of critics, with some saying it’s a costly and inefficient way to provide the company’s services, and others pointing to the fact that Microsoft could potentially pay a hefty fee for every server or database it buys.

As Microsoft continues to expand its cloud offerings, it is looking to build out a more complete solution for the cloud, and this week it confirmed that it will be using Microsoft’s Azure service to offer its services.

The announcement was made at Microsoft’s investor day on Tuesday, where the company shared a list of cloud services that it plans to use in the future.

Microsoft has been making waves in the cloud industry recently with its Azure cloud platform, which provides companies with a way to run applications and manage data in the company-owned data centers.

Microsoft is hoping that Azure will allow it to expand beyond its current services.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently said that he expects Azure to become the default choice for cloud applications.

Microsoft is also moving toward a more secure cloud.

Earlier this year, Microsoft started encrypting its cloud infrastructure and introducing a new method of cloud-security management.

Microsoft says that it intends to do the same for Azure.

While Microsoft is the largest cloud provider, it does have some competition.

Amazon and Google have also started offering their own cloud services.

However, Microsoft has been one of the more aggressive cloud providers to roll out its own cloud.


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