How to use an admin network controls API to create and manage your own security, privacy, and identity management tools

The new security and privacy features in Windows 10 are a big deal.

This is especially true for organizations looking to run their own security and data security operations.

With the new API that you’ll find at the top of this article, you can use it to create new, private, and restricted networks that can be used to manage security, data, and privacy settings and activities on your network.

If you’re not familiar with the API, here’s a quick rundown of how it works: To use this API, you need to have the following permissions:  The admin network can only be used on a device that has an admin account. 

The Admin network is only available to an Admin account.

The admin account must have a Microsoft Account, a Microsoft ID, and be signed in to the Admin account’s admin network.

You’ll also need to be signed into a Microsoft account, and a Microsoft Admin account, as well as be a member of the Microsoft Administrators group in the Admin network. 

 To set up an Admin network, you’ll need to create an Admin user account, an Admin password, and create a new network for your network, then navigate to the network settings.

Then, click Add. 

Now, go to the Advanced tab and click the Network Settings button.

Under Network settings, click the “Network settings” button and click Add a network.

This will create a network that you can share with other users. Click OK. 

In this new network, the Admin user will have full access to the system, including the Admin password and network configuration settings.

They’ll also be able to set up a network for everyone in your organization.

At this point, your network will be fully managed by the admin account, with the following restrictions: The network can’t be accessed by anyone but the Admin. 

Users must be signed out and have the same permissions on the network as the admin user. 

Network passwords must match the admin password. 

Access will be limited to users in the Administrators Group, and no other users can be logged in. 

Administrators must have access to network configuration and network access to perform network configuration tasks. 

Networks created using this API will be deleted after 15 days. 

You can see how to create a private network in this tutorial.


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