How to get the job of network administrator for a major carrier

Senior network administrator positions at major carriers and major telcos need to be at least a decade old, but it’s getting harder to fill those roles.

The new rules are set to expire in December 2019.

In 2017, a senior network operator could have been a senior IT person, but now the job requires an administrator and is typically filled by a software developer, network administrator or network engineer.

That has prompted some to ask, where are the senior IT people? 

A senior IT position is now the norm in most large carriers, with the majority of carriers now having an IT department.

The question is, how many of them are getting that job?

In the coming weeks, Next Big Futures will examine what’s going on with the IT department at carriers.

The network administrator role will be filled by someone who has been working in that position for more than five years, which is the longest the job can be held.

So, what does a senior staff IT person look like?

Here’s a look at the current crop of candidates, as well as who’s making the cut:Network administrators and network administrators are expected to have advanced skills that include network administration, IT administration and computer science, as required by the Federal Communications Commission.

The current top candidates are:  Network administrator Job title Senior network operator job title Network administrator position – IT department network manager position  – Information technology senior network manager – Software engineering senior network server admin job title IT system support manager job title Computer systems support specialist job title Technical support engineer job title Software support specialist – Computer systems senior network admin – Information technology IT network administrator job title Information technology Senior network admin job description Information technology network admin position title Information Technology Senior Network Admin job descriptionInformation Technology senior network – Network – Technical support senior network network admin role title Network Senior Network Administrator job title Support IT senior network senior network technical support manager role title IT System Support Manager job title Data center and networking IT network support technician job title Digital IT network Support Technician job title Database Systems Support Technician Job title Network Support Technician – Application Development and Management Network Support – Data center Network SupportJob title Network Engineer Job title IT Security Engineer Job description IT security Analyst Job title Data Center Security Analyst Job descriptionData Center Security EngineerJob description Network Security AnalystJob title IT Application Developer Job title Application Developer Network EngineerJob title Security Architect job title Security Engineer job title Infrastructure InfrastructureSecurity Engineer job descriptionSecurity EngineerJob nameSecurity AnalystJob name Network Security Engineerjob title Data Centers Security Analystjob title Security Systems Security Analyst job title Internet Infrastructure Security Engineer – InfrastructureSecurity Analystjob descriptionInternet Infrastructure Security Analyst – Data CenterSecurity Analyst job descriptionInternet Security Analyst


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