How to disable Facebook’s mobile apps in Android – BBC News

A lot of mobile applications, including Facebook, are available on Android, but it’s not as easy as installing them on your device.

So if you’re looking to install Facebook apps from your Android phone, you might want to head to Google’s official Android apps page.

Facebook apps are available for a variety of platforms, but we’ll be focusing on the Google Play Store here, which is where the majority of the app store is available for Android devices.

If you don’t already have an Android phone running Android 4.0, you’ll need to download the Google apps app from the Google website.

From there, simply head to the Google app store and download the app for your phone.

If the app isn’t available for your device, just head to your device’s settings and tap on “About Phone” to get the list of available apps.

You’ll be able to find the apps you need by tapping the gear icon at the top right of the screen.

In most cases, these apps are required for Google to function, so head to “Other Settings” and enable the Google Apps app for the Android phone you want to install them on.

If this isn’t your first Android phone and you’re interested in installing the Facebook apps on your own device, you can download the Facebook Facebook app from here.

Facebook has also released a free Facebook Android app called Facebook Messenger on Google Play, which we’ll also be covering in this article.

Facebook Messenger offers users a quick way to quickly connect with friends, chat with your family and even get a quick email update from them.

It also lets you chat with other Facebook users via FaceTime video calls.

It’s worth noting that Facebook Messenger only works in the US, so if you live outside the US you might have to change your country’s settings to use it.

We’ll be reviewing Facebook Messenger in this series, so stay tuned for that article.

In the meantime, if you need more mobile apps to get started, you should head over to our roundup of the best Android apps for everything from making phone calls to messaging.


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