How to install a network security policy (NSP) in a Windows 8.1 PC

What is a network administrator?

What is an NSP?

How can I apply a network policy?

What are the different types of NSPs?

How do they work?

Is there a recommended method to configure an Nsp?

These questions and more will be answered in this article, and it will explain how to install and apply network security policies in a network.

It will also show you how to configure the NSP to use the Windows firewall.

Before you continue, be sure to check out the Windows Networking FAQs.

Networking NSP installation instructions Windows 8 and later versions of Windows provide the following networking NSP configuration options: The default configuration for network security is a Windows Firewall that is used by the system to limit traffic to the network.

In the example above, this firewall can be configured with the following NSP options: Network policy that restricts incoming traffic to a certain domain, or group of domains, or the entire network.

For example, a firewall policy that allows traffic to only traffic coming from specific domains or IP addresses.

This is called a Domain-based or Network-based firewall.

In a typical environment, this means that the firewall restricts incoming connections from a domain or IP address to that domain or address.

This can be useful if a network is down for a while or you have a large number of users accessing a network at once.

A firewall can also be configured to block all incoming connections, but it will not block the connections from any specific domain or subdomain.

For more information on this, see the Networking Network Policy section.

This NSP is not needed if the firewall is configured as a Domain or a subdomain-based policy.


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