What if you can’t access the internet for health reasons?

What if, because of an illness, you can no longer access the Internet?

That’s a very real and troubling situation, but if you’re a member of the IT team at a health care facility, you might not have a solution.

In fact, the chances of that happening to you are fairly slim, according to a report released Wednesday by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

In the report, CMS surveyed 1,600 health care facilities and found that “just 8 percent of health care professionals reported being able to access the web while working remotely, and 4 percent reported that they were unable to do so while at work.”

The survey also found that 42 percent of providers said they didn’t have a web site that was updated with the latest news, and 35 percent of those providers said that their web site had been removed.

A further 35 percent reported having no web site at all.

“The number of providers that said that they could not access the network while working in a remote location was very small,” the report reads.

“In contrast, more than half of providers (53 percent) reported that their remote network had been updated with current events or news.”

“The lack of a current event, or current news on their web page, may be due to a lack of web resources for the staff to access.”

The report also said that only 16 percent of all providers said their website had been disabled by CMS.

“The majority of providers have a website that is updated daily,” the survey reads.

It also found:Of course, not everyone who works remotely is able to work at home.

For example, one in five employees who work remotely said they couldn’t access their work computer for medical reasons, while 14 percent said they were not able to do their job remotely at all and 19 percent said that when they were at home they were either unable to access their computer or that they weren’t able to reach their computer remotely.

The report, however, found that there were many other factors that were contributing to the situation.

For example, a significant portion of providers surveyed said that “working remotely could negatively affect the health and wellbeing of staff members and patients.”

The CMS survey also concluded that more than one-third of providers, including health care providers, reported that there was a risk of employees developing health conditions during their work at work.

Health care facilities have become an increasingly popular location for remote workers in recent years, and the report found that healthcare providers, especially nurses, have a higher than average rate of remote working.


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