I’m a network administrator and I can help with network administration qualifications

I’m an IT professional with over 20 years experience in IT and Network administration.

I’m currently an IT Manager and a Senior Network Engineer at a leading IT provider.

I’ve been involved in IT for over a decade and I’ve helped run over 30 projects and manage more than 3,000 IT staff.

My qualifications include: I have a Masters of Computer Science degree in Information Systems Management from RMIT University.

I have completed a Certificate of Completion in IT Administration from the Australian Institute of Cybernetics and Information Security (AICIS) and a Certificate in Network Administration from Melbourne University.

I have a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from the University of Melbourne.

I am also currently pursuing a PhD in Network and Information Systems at the University to further understand the importance of networking in the IT world.

I currently live in Melbourne and have a home office in the suburbs.

I work in a remote location, which means I have to spend time away from my family.

I like the flexibility of my remote work environment and have an interest in networking and IT.

I can manage and help network administrators across a wide range of industries and environments.

I work from home, which allows me to work remotely on projects from any of my home, office or work colleagues.

I love to explore and develop new projects and I am a good communicator.

I look forward to working with colleagues and network administrators, as well as the community, to build a stronger IT ecosystem in Australia.

I am a member of the Australian Networking Association and the Australian Communications and Media Commission.

I do my part to support the Australian network by attending conferences, workshops and assisting with research and education.

I also like to attend conferences to support network security awareness and help promote network awareness among IT professionals and users.

If you have any questions about the network administrator qualifications or networking, please contact me on LinkedIn: network administrator.


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