A Dell network administrator has posted on Twitter about being “stung” by the “fear” of a ransomware attack.

The Australian-based IT manager has taken to Twitter to express her anger at the “stinging” attacks, saying the company is not prepared for them and the people who work there are also in the dark.

“I’ve been dealing with it for about a month now,” Ms Tabora said.

“When it first started I had the idea that maybe the attack was a ransomware.”

But then when I looked at the data I found out it was a Windows virus, and it’s only been on for one day.

It is absolutely devastating to be in a situation where there are no systems, no data, no computers.””

I have been in contact with the people in my office who are working in the IT department and they have all been really scared.”

It is absolutely devastating to be in a situation where there are no systems, no data, no computers.

“The malware has infected around 400 machines and left around 100 employees in the clear, Ms Tabera said, adding that the IT staff had also been affected by the ransomware.

Ms Taboras tweets came as a Dell spokesperson told The Australian Financial Review that the company has been working hard to “prevent” the spread of ransomware and protect its IT staff.”

As a result, the company’s IT teams are fully aware of the risks they are running into.””

This has resulted in a significant increase in the number of calls and emails we receive and the volume of calls that we receive.”

“As a result, the company’s IT teams are fully aware of the risks they are running into.”

Ms Taberas’ tweet comes as the threat of ransomware spreading has grown and the company says it has deployed security technology to make its systems “operational again”.

“The ransomware we have deployed is designed to prevent the spread and increase the security of our data,” a Dell spokeswoman said.

“However, we will continue to work with our partners to ensure our systems are operational again.”

The spokeswoman said that the Dell network security teams have been “working tirelessly” to fight the threat and that the system was “fully operational”.

Ms Tabias tweet comes after the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed it has been notified of the attack.

The Australian Government has confirmed that its IT and communication services have been compromised.

Department of Foreign affairs and trade said it is working with the affected departments to investigate.

The Department of Business, Innovation and Employment said the information is being provided to affected organisations.”DBIE is working closely with the Department to support affected organisations and to ensure that affected employees and contractors are protected from ransomware,” a statement from the Department said.

The department said it has offered its services for “a short period of time”, but it has not yet reached out to the affected organisations to offer assistance.

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